The Cost of Ignorance

The Cost of Ignorance

The Cost of Ignorance

I started writing on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology far back as 2017.

Wrote whitepapers, eBooks, articles and all you can think of. Guess what? I never invested in crypto even though I had the money to.

Few hours before writing this, I read about the increase in exchange rate between Naira and USD and I was so agitated. It all of a sudden dawned on me to save my money by buying USDT rather than save on piggyvest or cowrywise. I did the calculation of how much money I had lost in the past few months and I got the more angry.

How on earth did I lose sight of this? I have saved my money in the last 6 months only for it to lose value? Too much for a person that started his writing career in the crypto space. Apparently, I knew nothing.

This applies to everything in life. We are comfortably sitting on our ignorance when we should be out there trying to gain knowledge. You might not see the cost now but in few months, you would see it.

If there is a course you should take and you haven’t taken it, the cost of ignorance could be losing a job opportunity for lack of that skill you would have acquired by taking that course. Or losing money or something valuable

Like I said in this article, life is all about tradeoffs. What are you willing to forgo now to enjoy later or what are you willing to enjoy now and forgo later?

The cost of ignorance can be very expensive. The money you are saving now might not be able to save you then.

Take a good bet and do not be like me who just figured out a way to preserve the value of my money after about 4 years.

Please, if you are trying to save money in Naira, you are doing it wrong. Go and buy some USD else, you will be trying to fill a basket with water.

The cost of ignorance will not take into consideration whether you innocently were ignorant or not and trust me, there will be no one to blame but yourself.

Do what is right.

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