What Does Better Look Like?

What Does Better Look Like?

What Does Better Look Like?

The word better in the Greek is kreittón and amazingly is is the comparative form of the word Kratos which is mostly used to mean strength or might.

Better means to be fully developed to reach the needed dominance or might or strength. This is what growth is about.

Moving from a point to another by putting in the required effort and doing it everyday.

The beauty about this is that it is not a journey that has a destination you get to and are crowned

It is the journey itself that makes one better. The people you meet, the tasks you do, the obstacle you face, the mistakes you make, the failures you embrace, the success you get.

So, if you want to be better at anything, you better show up everyday to be better. Better is as a result of consistently showing up even on very bad days.

Remember, the price of better is a lot of vulnerabilities.

I don’t know this.
Can you explain this
This is what I found out
This is what I know so far.

Better is not about comfort or convenience.

It is about sacrifice and discipline.

So, if you want to be the best in anything, you better be ready to show up like crazy.

Be ready to pay the price.

What does better look like?

It looks like the picture above.

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