It will take a while

It will take a while

It will take a while

We have been decieved that success is instantaneoues. I wrote a pitch deck some months ago seeking investment from some folks.

The ideas were good and I had believed that upon launch, we would make the money back in no time. It is almost 9 months since launch and we are still battling with scaling.

Also, most folks that come seeking my advice for a career path are more concerned about how soon they can cash out.

“If you start learning programming, in the next 4 months, you will be cashing out” is the most useless advice in the world along other similar advice

It takes averagely 4-5 years for a tech skill to become highly profitable. If you are lucky to connect with the big boys early enough, it could take a bit lesser time but we are usually not lucky.

This is not limited to tech skills. For every endeavour, always give yourself a 4-5years margin before you attempt to give up.

I have met folks who started a career path in design but because it wasn’t as profitable as they had been promised in about 1 year, they quit to another skill and guess what? Most of them are yet to find their footing anywhere.

Instead of jumping around, sit down patiently. Success is not instantaneous. It is a build up and it will take a while.

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