Who is the Time Keeper?
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Who is the Time Keeper: Late and/or Early?

Who is the time keeper?

Who determines when it is time, when it is late and when it is too early?

A says by 22, you must have a billion in your account

B says, I’m 22 and I don’t have a billion in my account

C says, look at my mates at 22 they have a billion in their accounts. I’m 25 and I have nothing

D says it is too late I am already 35. I cannot have a billion anymore.

How come we have a vague misconception about time.

Are you created for time or is time created for you?

Who dictates when it is time and who time is against?

Who is the time keeper?

At 22, you might still not get the billion dollars.

A billion dollars is not a respecter of age. There is no rule that says getting it after 22 is wrong

At 25, you can become the richest man in the world

At 35, you can start over and become the richest man alive.

Who is the time keeper?

Probably, if you are in charge of time, that will be what you would expect but fortunately, you are not. Nobody is.

It is not too late to become anything.

It is also not too early to start winning.

Time might be a limited resource but maximising time is not limited to a particular age

Time is not against you

Start now

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