On Finding Yourself

On Finding Yourself

On Finding Yourself

One of the most foolish statements I have heard is, “This is how I am.” It is the voice of ignorance and arrogance. Many times, we love to believe that we know who we are and what our identity is but that is far from the truth because we are constantly changing, and the way we see ourselves also changes.

We are a product of a lot of experiences, associations, belief systems, and even actions. We have subconsciously become what our immediate environment at every point in our lives dictated to us. Our fears, anxiety, insecurities, actions, gestures, etc, are all a result of one experience or the other.

Our job is fundamentally to keep finding ourselves. Finding yourself means looking with rigorous honesty at everything that has made you who you are so that you can get clear on who you want to be and adjust accordingly.

Finding yourself is a difficult job. It demands that you have the courage enough to look at yourself – both good and bad sides, accepting that this is who you currently are but not who you want to be and doing the hard work of weeding out the bad, pruning the good, and planting some more good.

When you get angry, do you ask yourself the hard question of why you are angry? When you are offended, do you ask yourself the hard question of why you got offended at whatever it must have been? Are you taking a conscious effort to work on your insecurities? This is what finding yourself entails.

Do not be that person that is unwilling to change, transform, and evolve.

To be continued…

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