Fix your Problems

Fix your Problems. Don’t run

Fix your Problems. Don’t run

If you had a health challenge today, the natural response is to seek help from professionals to get it sorted or cured.

If you had your account blocked, the next response is to get to the bank to resolve that.

If your car broke down today, the next action would be to call your mechanic

If your house was leaking, the next response is to get it fixed.

You do not run away when your health is at stake or when your account is blocked or when your car is broken or the house is leaking.

You fix it.

If we care about a thing and it matters a lot to us, when a problem arises, our natural response should be a solution.

Problems are meant to be solved. The moment you decide to run away, you are glorifying your problems.

Until you have done all that you can, ensure you get it fixed.

It is just another problem. Fix it.

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