Focus and Distractions

On Focus and Distractions.

On Focus and Distractions.

On Focus and Distractions -none works without the other. Often times we only see them as opposing sides. Not so true.

To be focused on a thing is to be totally distracted by it. To lose focus on a thing is to be totally distracted by another thing.

When we want something so bad, we dedicate our focus and distractions to it. We are obsessed with it. To be fair, to focus is to be distracted by something.

Distraction is essentially not the lack of focus. It is giving your focus from something to something else.

Focus and distractions are a question of what is urgent and important and what’s not.

So, it is not enough for a task to be urgent. Is it important as well? Or is it important but not urgent?

A lot of time mismanagement is a tussle between what’s urgent and important. This leads to focusing on the wrong things – distractions.

Know your priorities and be distracted by them. The moment you are distracted by anything other than your priorities it means that you have lost your focus.

So see distractions as a signal that lets you know when you are about to lose your focus.

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