On Friendship

On Friendship

On Friendship

Friendship is a bond not only for the good times but the bad as well.

Friendship is a call of love, loyalty, and commitment. You don’t build friendships outside these bonds. 

A friend is dependable. One who can call your bullshit when you are going off track. Also, one who can give you a shoulder to lean on when you need it. Also, one who pats you on the back to encourage and, most importantly, pushes you to be a better version of yourself.

Good Friendships are hard to build. Terribly hard. It goes beyond the good times of hangouts, food, music, and fun. But, even in the trenches, a true friend sticks at your lowest.

Friendships are not about the good times as much as the down times. It is tough to have good friends stick around! But, good friendships are built on sacrifices.

If you have good friends, send them a note thanking them. Or buy them lunch or something memorable as a show of gratitude.

Good friends are scarce. Cherish what you got. If you have friendship issues, you are most likely the cause. Check yourself.

If you find yourself losing friends, you are doing something wrong. Either hanging out with the wrong set of people, or you are a terrible friend everyone is trying to avoid.

Do you want good, strong friendships? Be a better friend.

To be continued…

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