On What People Think

On What People Think

On What People Think

What people think about you is not who you are. It is simply what they perceive about you.

Whether they are wrong or right isn’t the problem. The problem is you gave them the permission to control who you are.

Are you a puppet? Or do you want to cause a ruckus?

Holding on to what people think about you limits you. We give our power right to them while allowing their impression about us to become who we are not.

Our reality then becomes who they think we are and not who we truly are or truly want to become.

Your job is to take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and your decisions. While it might take lots of courage, it is the right thing to do.

Here are things to help out:

  1. Seperate your self-worth from your work. You are not your work. When criticism comes, you’d handle it better.
  2. Take your decisions. Nobody takes them for you.
  3. Stop being a Perfectionist
  4. Don’t depend on approvals to be happy
  5. Be comfortable saying NO.

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