On Endings and Sacrifices

On Endings and Sacrifices…

On Endings and Sacrifices…

30 days writing challenge is a big deal.

It looks easy if you think about it but very difficult once you start to do it.

Imagine taking about 2 hours of your day every day for 30 days to do mental work

Forget the funfair and think about the work. The problem of finding what to write on.

Then deciding what to write on and now generating content on the topic.

Ha! Confronting your ignorance – face-to-face.

Imagine how much you think you knew a subject only to discover that you cannot communicate it.

You know that impostor feeling?

Yes, that is when it comes knocking and at that point, the next thing we would want to do is close our laptop and get to something easier.

Feeling like a fraud is crazy. It will make you feel small and you will want to run away.

The sacrifice is to go through this feeling and let it force you to think deep enough to form your thoughts.

After forming your thoughts, you are now forced to refine them.

Refining is like cleaning your mess. Terrible work to do.

It reminds you of how much of a fraud you are again and you are tempted to let it all go.

Then you make the hard call again to stay through

After scaling through the refining process, you are confronted with the need to share your work to the public.

Shame. Fear. Resistance. Perfectionism and all those things.

What will people say? What if I made a mistake? What if I am not good enough?

Then you stall. You crawl. You walk a bit and stop and walk again. Then you run till you are high in the sky flying.

Every moment till you fly are moments filled with sacrifices and these sacrifices are functions of decisions.

Decisions you made and for every decision, there is an opportunity cost.

The opportunity cost to forgo the sacrifice and its pain to enjoy oneself at that present moment or to heed to the fear, the shame, the opportunity cost

This is the end but not the end. It is the beginning of a journey to another end full of sacrifices

These sacrifices are the process.

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