The Educational System is Sinking
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The Educational System is Sinking – A Prelude

You do not request 742.5 Billion Naira on Education in Nigeria for the sake of it. There is an intention behind the scene. While this is too small an amount to be spent on a sector that is responsible for the future of the country, it is still a lot of money to keep people in check.

Now, education is not a bad thing. It is a very important tool if any state desires to move forward. I do not write for an eradication of education. That will be totally stupid of me and anyone who thinks that way. How do we solve world problems if education is eradicated? Common sense dictates the need for education.

However, I am writing for a realignment of education and the school system. The job of the school is not to produce compliant individuals. The job of the school is to produce individuals who want to change the world in whatever field they have chosen.

Children are naturally inquisitive, creative and curious. Why will they go to school only to come out to be the opposite of how they entered the school system? The schools as it seems, is a factory that is designed to train people to do as they are told. To be obedient, to wait, to hide.

This is the reason why we have a lot of folks who come out of the university very clueless about what life is. This is because they’ve lived in the fantasies of the lies the school told them. Lies like

“Study hard, and a job is out there waiting for you”

“Obey rules and regulations, do as you are told and every organization will seek after you” and many more

Then to foster this, they give tests, exams, on subjects most lack interests in. Pass and it is proof that you will succeed. Fail and you reduce your chances of success.

Those that were academically sound found this easy and they did it effortlessly. They passed, they obeyed but they still came out to realize that they were lied to. They now have the obligation to reschool themselves – many lost their way never to return

Those that were not academically sound failed in school and also failed to achieve what they would have succeeded in naturally. The born musician lost track of their dream. The born runner lost track of their dream. The born artist lost track of their dream. Because they told them their dreams were invalid without success in school. Their dreams will be a waste if they do not pass their exams in flying colours.

So, innocently, they focused on their school work, they put in the effort, trying to learn so many things they did not enjoy. So many things they had no interest in. More so, they were not born academically intelligent. So, they failed.

Their failure weakened their resolve. Their failure showed them that they won’t be successful in what they were naturally born to do. The courage left them and they began to seek validation in Academic prowess so as to validate themselves once again. Then the running in circles began – round and round and round. They are seeking validation. They are seeking perfection.

They want to do music but they are afraid they would fail because their teacher promised them that they will fail if they failed in school which they did fail. If only they knew better. If only they knew that it was a setup. That that system was designed to keep them small.

Now, that curious, creative and inquisitive kid is now battling with forces beyond their control. Fear – of failure, success, what people will say, – Resistance, Perfectionism, inconsistency, and so many others.

The Future is dying.

We are dying

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