The Man in the Mud

The Man in the Mud and the Spectator

The Man in the Mud and the Spectator

One of the major reasons a lot of people are afraid to build in public is the fear of what people will say.

Without doubt, it is a very terrible experience to see you and your work dragged. The negative comments and zero stars can lead one to depression.

But here is one thing I have realized – most people who go about leaving negative feedback are not the people you should be listening to.

They are spectators. They have no idea what it means to make a work or to put one’s self out there.

Most times, their feedback doesn’t stem from their perception of the work but from their insecurities. You do not want to spend most of your life listening to people who are projecting their insecurities on you.

You want to better still listen to the man in the mud who is also digging for gold. The man in the mud who has been stained, bruised, because of his desire to see to the completion of his goal. A man in the mud doesn’t undermine another’s work of art. He knows fully well what it means to build and to ship. He knows what it means to go through lots of constraints to get the job done.

The man in the mud is busy. He appreciates work when he sees one and not condemn it. When he wants to criticize, he doesn’t attack your person. He knows how to separate the work from the owner. He understands that you have staked your integrity to be here.

But the spectator is not skilled to recognize such. The spectator thinks it is all games and fun. The spectator doesn’t understand that it took a lot of work. How would they? They are not in the mud. They are trying to keep clean. They do not want to get stained because they are afraid it will ruin them. They think staying off the mud will safe guard their integrity; so, they assume judge, jury and executioner acting out what they are running from.

While you might not be able to prevent them from seeing your work, you can refuse to receive their feedback on your work. It is in your power. It is your choice to make – to decide to listen to the man in the mud and not the spectator.

PS: Not all the men in the mud can give feedback as well. Be vigilant

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