Accountability: What Promise are you Making?

Accountability is building in public.

You are saying, I want you to watch me grow from here to there and my promise in return is to do x on these particular days.

Accountability is you opening yourself to public scrutiny. It is a decision to be vulnerable.

It is you saying, “Hey, assess my work. What do you think?”

Accountability is leverage.

Accountability is incentive

Without it, you cannot build that credibility that you so seek.

Without credibility you cannot be entrusted with greater responsibility.

Without greater responsibility, you cannot gain wealth.

However, accountability is risky.

It is sticking your neck out, risking failure, humiliation under your name.

Accountability is hinged on a promise.

A promise to deliver.

For instance, I promise to write everyday for the next 30 days. I want you to hold me accountable.

The wears I sell do not fade, if they do I’m quack. I want you to hold me responsible

If you take my course, I promise you, your income will triple. If not, I’d refund your money.

When we make a promise, our job is to see to it that we keep to that promise no matter how inconvenient it becomes.

People are paying attention to what you do implicitly or not.

When you make a promise and you do not keep it, you are driving them further away from trusting you whether they patronize you or not.

You job is not to entertain fear even if fear is lurking around.

You job is not to give excuses even though they are very valid.

Your job is to keep to your promise even if it means pushing your limits.

The public eyes is your ticket to success of any kind.

Your ability to show up everyday forces people to fall in love with you consciously or unconsciously.

Humans are wired to trust people who keep the end of their bargain.

Humans are wired to trust people who show deep sense of commitment and consistency.

Humans are wired to trust people who keep the promises they make.

Naturally, you are on their lips to recommend you to the next prospective client.

Yes, I trust him, he writes very well.

She is good at what she does. I have seen her do it over and over again.

These are words that shows deep conviction in your work of art.

Deep conviction does not happen by chance.

It is a result of hardwork towards keeping the promise you made.

To grow your business.

To grow your art

To grow your audience.

Stay consistent and committed to keeping the promise you have made.

That is accountability

If you fail, remain accountable.

Own up to your failure.

Fail in public.

But don’t run away.

Don’t abandon your promise.

Showing the public that you failed is still a part of accountability.

It is you reporting to them that it did not go as planned.

If you come tomorrow to make another promise, they, for sure will listen.

Why? Because they know you won’t abscond.

They know if you fail, you will own up to it rather than run away.

Keep the promise you make

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