The Joys of Imposter Syndrome

The Joys of Imposter Syndrome

The Joys of Imposter Syndrome

I know you have read and heard so many things about imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be and as such, you are scared that you will be discovered to be a fraud. This, I am sure, is how you have viewed imposter syndrome.

Well, I would be totally dishonest to claim that imposter syndrome doesn’t exist. However, as terrible as it feels, what if I tell you that there is the good part of Imposter syndrome? I have called it the joys of imposter syndrome.

What if Imposter syndrome is a sign? What if imposter syndrome is a compass? What if imposter syndrome is a pointer? A pointer to doing difficult work? A compass to work that matters?

When you put yourself in the public, you are on a difficult pedestal. You begin to doubt yourself out of the fear of not being good enough. This translates into the feeling of a fraud. But that feeling never comes when you are doing nothing but chilling.

If imposter syndrome is only peculiar to difficult task, then it is safe to assume that it is a good thing. It is a good thing because you are doing what many other people are scared to do. It is a good thing because it forces you to give your best. It is a good thing because it enables you to dig down to make the best use of your creative prowess.

It is the Joys of Imposter Syndrome.                            

However, you must be careful as imposter syndrome can lead to perfectionism. In a bid not to be exposed as a fraud, we tend to drift into perfectionism with the excuse that you are trying to produce something flawless. Be careful of that thin line.

When next you feel like an imposter, I want you to acknowledge it. For an imposter is someone who believes in a future that doesn’t exist. They believe they can change their world. Let’s get right to it

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