Edtech in Nigeria

The Future of EdTech in Nigeria

I strongly believe that education plays a major factor in the growth and development of the nation as a whole, however, we must be clear on what education is and how it is achieved. While I have ranted in the past about the flaws in the educational system, I am here to ask difficult questions on Edtech in Nigeria

The rise of Edtech in Nigeria is a mix of happy and sad for me. While technology has played a major role in industries like Finance, Agriculture, etc., it is easy to believe the same will work in education as smooth as it did in the other industries

However, it is important we note that education is a very peculiar industry and as such, we need to thread carefully in implementing technology. With the rise of so many EdTech companies coming up, here are important questions we need to ask in implementing technology in education. Are we using Technology to amplify the problems with education OR are we using Technology to solve the problems with education?

  1. One major problem with education in Nigeria (or globally) is that education is a tool to make people comply. If we are using Technology, are we using technology to spread this menace or we are using tech to harness the creativity of these kids?
  2. Teachers are seen as the gatekeepers of knowledge in traditional schools. Using technology, are we pushing this narrative further or are we moving to putting kids at the centre of the learning process?
  3. In traditional schools, we study subjects we have no interests in instead of channel our focus to subjects we have interests in. Is technology going strengthen the curse of following the traditional route or technology is going to give kids that focus to do what they love?
  4. Traditional schools spend way more time on testing and assessment. Essentially, it is to ensure that the drilling is successful. How does technology solve this or is it enhancing it?
  5. Traditional schools pay more attention to academic work and less on practical learning. Are we driving this further or is technology solving this? And how?

These and more are the questions we need to start asking. Else, Edtech is not going to make things better. Rather, it would cause more havoc. What do you think and propose?

It is important to note that while I do not doubt that technology plays a major role in the revolutionizing of the educational system, we need to be sure we are going about it the right way.

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