Do Your Job

Do your Job

It is easy get caught up in the web of, “God will do it”

Very easy!

But that’s not your job. Your job is to be responsible by taking responsibility of yourself and ideas.

If you are no more, what will you be remembered for?

All the ideas in your head that you could have implemented or tried to, will go with you.

The impacts you could have made, will go with you.

The stories you could have told, the lives you could have changed, will all go with you.

We would be left with your excuses, your laziness, and procrastination.

We will say, “and he had plans to write oo”

“She had beautiful ideas she wanted to implement”

“They were waiting for the right time”

If you need any other reason to start, well, I just gave you.

Get to work and do your job

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