Redefining Productivity

Redefining Productivity: A Better Alternative

Redefining Productivity: A Better Alternative

Ask any one today what productivity is and you’d be surprised at how they are quick to define it as producing quality output at a particular speed. Afterwards, they attribute it to the use of an app or software.

Not that this definition is wrong, it is just terribly misleading.

1. The focus of productivity should be the process not the outcome.
2. Productivity is more about not doing than doing
3. Reliance on apps and software is unrealistic as well as almost impossible.

Productivity is about the process. What are you doing? How do you want to do it. Why do you want to do it?

We have defined productivity to mean quality output. For instance, when given a writing task, rather that concern ourselves with how doing the task with affect and change us, we are usually concerned with the need to deliver great work in the shortest possible time

Also, obsessing over the outcome means that you find a way no matter how crooked to get the job done. In lots of offices, in the name of productivity, the creativity of its employees has been traded for quality output in a short time. Employees are then charged with faster ways to do their tasks instead of better and most beneficial ways

We must never forget that the idea of work put us at the centre of it. If at all we are going to ship something, we must never cheat ourselves the privilege of enjoying that process. Deadlines, timelines, have now been made more important than the work flow and the how to it.

Productivity that doesn’t have creativity as its anthem is not true productivity.

Also, productivity is more about saying NO than saying YES. We are very quick to say YES to every request that we never stop to think for a moment if that request fits our schedule and if it has the highest return on investment on us as a person

Saying “NO, I wouldn’t be able to make it” is one productive hack everyone must learn. Most times, we find ourselves regretting saying YES when the simple solution or answer would have been a NO.

This is fostered by the need to want to do a lot of things. We think productivity is about shipping a lot of things. In our head, it sounds like, “I am done with this work” narrative.

Productivity is not about the numbers of completed jobs or task. Productivity is about the completion of task that has the highest return on you as an individual. We do a lot of meaningless things.

Lastly, technology is never going to make you more productive. Productivity is a decision you make! While the software and apps we have are beautiful and have good intentions, you will keep jumping from one app to another seeking productivity and you’d never find it.

No matter the tool, no matter the cost, the person who will uses it makes the difference.

To be productive, you need to learn to be disciplined. This is the greatest productivity hack. To be disciplined requires that you put all the other things I have mentioned above and practice.

When you are disciplined you would learn to say NO.

When you are disciplined you will learn to keep to time.

When you are disciplined, you will always get the job done.

When you are disciplined, you will prioritize yourself first.

When you are disciplined, technology will work for you.

Can you count how many times, you failed to follow your to do list on your to do list maker?

Or how many times your ignored your alarm clock to sleep or play a bit more?

You are only grossly undisciplined and the solution is to be grossly disciplined.

I hope this redefines what productivity is to you and gives your life colour.

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