responsibility and control

On Responsibility and Control

On responsibility and control

In a recent post by Seth Godin, he talked about responsibility and control.

Responsibility and control are primarily a product of our choices. For control, we give it up sometimes to wield it some other time. For example, you might not be able to decide the speed of a public bus. Hence you are stuck in it till you get to your destination.

When we give up our control, it is a product of our choices. So again, using the bus analogy, you could have decided not to use the public bus in other to be in charge but to get to your destination faster, you had to give up control.

However, one thing is sure; we have control over our lives – what we want, what to do, how we feel, how we react, etc. The issue is that we often trade our choice to control who we are because we are scared of the responsibilities that come with it.

On responsibility, it is also a thing of our choice. We choose what to be responsible for and whatnot. If there is a problem, you decide to stand up to face that problem or to hide back from it.

We often search for who will tell us what to do, how to do it, who will take the blame, who will stand up to do the work. We never want the control and own up to the responsibility of finding the answers ourselves. Certainly, trading control and taking responsibility are top skills we’ve failed to learn.

It is largely not our fault because that is what the school system has trained us to do. To give up ownership, control, and responsibility to the state. But what the system failed to do was to take away our choices.

You can choose to take responsibility, take control and own your life, or you can keep subletting it out

to be continued…

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