On Plans, Hardwork & Purpose.

On Plans, Hardwork & Purpose.

On Plans, Hardwork & Purpose.

It is easy to make a plan or draw out a wishlist.

However, it is one hell of work to get the plan in motion.

“I want to be a better writer” is nothing but a wish.

The hardwork is to start writing.

We are usually stuck on making plans and drawing out wishlists.

To get yourself to do the hardwork, you need to see that plan as a part of your purpose.

You need to ask yourself difficult questions called “WHY?” “WHAT?”

What is your purpose? Why Writing?

The moment you are able to answer these questions, the easier it is to execute to attain that purpose.

This 2023, leave the plans, and let’s do the hardwork.

Ask yourself the hard questions.

Happy New Year.

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