The Problem with Caution.

The Problem with Caution

The Problem with Caution.

Caution is a good thing. It prevents us from danger.

It helps us determine if the adventure is worth taking or not.

However, caution is a show stopper if not used properly.

Caution is not natural to us. It was learnt. As kids, we jumped at risks without thinking twice. I once attempted to drink hot tea. It burnt my tongue. I have hated hot drinks since then

Worse for you and I, caution is a tool used by the school system to keep us small.

“Don’t follow your dreams, it is way bigger than you and darn too risky,” says the school.

“If you do well in your academics, you’d get a good paying job and that’s okay for you”

Caution is analysing risks. Most dreams are way risky. Elon Musk’s dream to go to Mars is too risky.

My dream to revolutionize education is too risky.

Your dream to bring about change in whatever endeavour is also too risky.

Caution tells you to avoid it. Do something else. Something way easier and less risky.

Caution migh be right. You may embark on the dream and fail. Caution might also be wrong. You may succeed

The problem with caution is that it is not a fortune teller. It is fear in disguise. If you do not try it out, you won’t know if it will work or not.

So, try it out.

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