We don't want you; we want them

We don’t want you; we want them

We don’t want you; we want them

“We don’t want you; we want them” is not a statement of pride.

It is a statement of precision and certainty.

A person or a business who makes this bold declaration knows what they want. They have separated the wheat from the chaff.

They are willing to go very specific and go all in for all those that they want.

As a customer, I want those that want me and are willing to forgo the crowd and number.

Those that want everyone end up not serving anyone. They are selfish and self seeking. They do not care about the customers but themselves.

But those that want specific people are those that are generous and reliable. To them, it is about the customer, the reader, the student, the people.

We don’t want you; we want them

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