the odds are terribly stacked against you

The Odds are terribly Stacked against You

Dear friend, the odds are terribly stacked against you.

You have been designed to remain a mediocre. To wait to be picked. To be dependent on the society.

There is no system that has been set in place to give you the upper hand. The school gave you the promise of that but unfortunately, the school is only but a tool to ensure that you are kept small and hidden.

You did not go to school to find your potential. You went to school to hide your potential. You went to school to be reprogrammed into what they want you to be.

I know you do not what to read this and you might end up not liking me afterwards but my dear friend, you are screwed. Sorry, no sorry, but I am not going to sugar coat it. I am not going to write in the third person pronoun to sound euphemistic. No, I am here to tell you that you are damn screwed.

I know you want to be successful. I see you struggle for it. But it seems like it is not working, right? It is not totally your fault. A greater force is working against you.

The game doesn’t favour you. It favours its own. You are greatly disadvantaged.

  • You do not have money. You are dead broke!
  • You are in the wrong country – one that shouldn’t be counted as a country at all
  • You are probably not beautiful or handsome
  • You went to the wrong school
  • You studied a course that is not valuable
  • You are not living in the right place
  • You are very poor at networking
  • Your goals are most likely wrong

You are designed to spend your whole life fighting a lost war.

You do not deserve it. It is so unfair and frustrating and discouraging.

You did not ask to be born into this world of unfair advantage.

I am sorry but it is too late.

But guess what? There is a way out.

A very slim chance of escape but it is worth the try.

You can either decide to live a mediocre life or you give this a shot.

You do not deserve to end up as a mediocre, for real.

You do not deserve to live a screwed life. So, you better take this chance and give it a shot.

It is the only way to turn the odds to your favour.

It is the only way by which you can beat the system

It is the only way to stop fighting a lost battle.

Change your Response

The response to this imbalance is not complaint, grumbles and whining.

We are naturally programmed to complain whenever life hits us. We have even taken it a step higher by attributing blames or run away from our problems and challenges.

You will only remain where you are by following this route.

But the moment you own up. The moment you take the responsibility, things changes.

You begin to find solutions. You begin to lead.

Shift your mindset from being the victim to being the victor. From being helpless to becoming the helper.

Once you acknowledge the fact that there is a way out of this mess, your brain begins to reprogram itself towards finding a solution.

Be Consistent

Your talent, skills, charm is a waste without consistently putting in the work. The master is that person that is ready to consistently put in the work.

Most mediocre are consistent at nothing except being what they are. You might be good at a thing but if you do not show up consistently, you are nobody.

Consistency is a show of commitment, patience and hard work. Inconsistency is a show of the opposite.

The one who will get rewarded is one who will put in what is required.

The odds are terribly stacked against you. You need to put in more effort than the common man

You need to show up more than normal

Be a Student of the Game

The one thing people fail to understand is that you can be a part of the game and not be a part of it. The game must pass through you and you must pass through the game.

You can be on your job for years and still suck at your job. The willingness to learn and the intentionality to become the best at what you do is what makes the difference.

Become a major part of whatever you are learning. Learn ruthlessly. Avoid distraction. Avoid Naysayers. Go at it with all due diligence and you will be shocked at the outcome.

The major reason why many people do not become masters at what they do is because they are too impatient to do a thing over and over again. A master is someone who sticks to doing what is required over and over again. For instance, to be a very good writer, you need to write consistently. Many people give up when it comes to the consistency bit of it.

Be a student of the game or you are screwed.

Seek Help

Going solo is risky! The journey is a difficult one on its own.

You need people! People that share the same worldview as you.

People on the same journey as you are.

This is why it is important you join a community of likeminded individuals.

 You need the encouragement to keep going.

You need people. Seek them. Seek help.

The odds are terribly stacked against you. You need people to fight with.

In conclusion, you have a better advantage at beating mediocrity if you take your game higher.

It is all up to you now. Do what you would with all these

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  1. Hi
    At first , I didn’t want to read this post because of the caption but its really funny how the caption wouldn’t leave my head so out of curiosity, I did read through it and it really blessed me

  2. An encouraging article but I don’t like the line of “you are a nobody”. It kinda sounds depressing

  3. I missed reading it the day it was uploaded, I just had to look for it and after reading this, all I see is so much energy in the words that were written, begging you to do more for yourself. Imagine that! I’m grateful

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