Do you know what our universal love language is? WE ALL WANT TO BE SEEN AND HEARD

Yes, that is right.

When we wear a new top, we are hopeful that someone will notice and pass a compliment. We love the thrill that comes with it. Plus, it is a confidence booster.

When we get a new hair cut, or make a new hair, we want someone to say, “Oh, did you just make this? It fits you so well”

It is damn beautiful to see the exchange of smiles and the beginning of a connection. The confidence that brews from this experience.

We all want to experience this because it is our love language

My friend Nihinlolamiwa asks her friends on whatsapp to send in differenet pictures every friday and she goes the extramile of flaunting these guys on her status.

The few times I had shared my pictures with her, I felt so thrilled. I loved it. I could feel the hundreds of eyes that will see me that day and even without knowing me in person will say, ” oh, this guy looks so good”

Nihinlolamiwa has done this for months now and there is never a Friday I do not see people turn out in mass to be seen. I do not think that number is reducing anytime soon.

You know why? It is a love language that we are all craving for

We live in a busy and fast world – we are constantly on the chase for something – grades, money – that we sometimes forget ourselves. But with an initiative like this, we remember that we are loved and we are seen. It reminds us of who we are and how much we mean to the world

Another Friend of mine, Oreoluwa, has this Tuesday thing where conversations happen. She asks a question and a lot of people go ahead to give their answers. She indirectly is showing people that the world needs their ideas. She is getting people to speak up, to show up and to be heard – which is what we all want.

We all want to belong, to connect and to be seen. We all want others to recognize us. It is our love language.

You see, a lot of us grew up without any of our feelings being recognized. There was a constant shutting up by parents, teachers and other adults. We had no one to talk to about how we felt and the things that really bothered us.

We learnt to keep it to ourselves. To keep shut and to lay low. Yet, one of the most powerful human need is that of being seen and heard.

We all want to feel valued.

We want to know that we are important

We want to know that we matter.

You see, at every level, we should be like Nihinlolamiwa and Oreoluwa who despite whatever struggle they may be going through are constantly trying to make the world a better place by putting smiles on peoples’ face.

By giving people a platform to be seen and to be heard, we become more comfortable in our skin, reduces the need to compete or compare ourselves with others. It pushes us to love ourselves and others more.

I think we can also do that.

We can give a compliment. A smile. A hug.

We can share our space. Our food and even some of our money.

When next you have the opportunity, do not hesitate.

Let that person know that you see and hear them

It works everytime because it is our love language.

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