What is the Answer?

What is the Answer?

What is the Answer?

“What is the answer?” can mean two different things.

Firstly, it can mean, I don’t care about the work or the process or how you got here. Just provide me with the answer.

This is lame, lazy and easy. This is what we are used to. We want someone to do the work for us while we go in afterwards to see the result and if possible benefit from it.

On the other hand, “what is the answer?” could mean after all the work, what have we been able to discover, what was the result, the output?

This involves the excruciating labour of having to arrive at the solution to a problem rather than sitting idle waiting for the answer to come.

Both great and mediocre people ask this question but with different mindset and action.

Which are you? What is your answer?

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