The Single Most Important Hack to Becoming a Better Writer

Go and write.

Yes, that is it. Write. Write and Write.

I have lots of people coming to me to perform magic on their writing ability and once I tell them to go and write, they are confused.

“Toni, I came to you to learn to write. How come you are making me write?”

We grew up learning things the wrong way. For instance, the school encourages us to learn first then come into the real world to practice what we have learnt. This methodology is the reason why we have a lot of graduates with messed up lives.

Learning is not a separate entity from doing. Learning is in the doing of that thing. You do not learn to write then go to write. You learn to write by writing.

This means that the phrase, “I want to learn to write” is not totally correct “I want to write” is more appropriate

The more you write, the better you become.

The more you write, you find your voice and style.

The more your write, the more attentive you become.

To be a better writer is not in the videos or courses or books or articles.

It is in the writing itself.

The single most important hack to become a better writer is to write.

Go and write!

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