AI can never Replace Writers

Why AI can never Replace Writers

Why AI can never Replace Writers

There has been a lot of buzz around this new AI platform called Chat GPT. So many content creators, entrepreneurs, investors, and people alike have gone on to sing the praises of this software while also laying claims that it would change the world, it would replace humans, etc.

Not to say that there is no truth in any of these claims, but to say AI will replace writers is just a half-truth. I have tested the tool itself and I promise you, it is nothing like what I have seen in this world. For instance, I wrote a prompt – “Write a 100-word article about deforestation” and look at what it brought out.

“Deforestation is the destruction of forests, which are vital for the health of the planet. It is a major contributor to climate change, as forests absorb and store carbon dioxide. Deforestation also leads to habitat destruction and species extinction. The main drivers of deforestation are agriculture, particularly the conversion of forests to pasture for livestock, and the production of commodities such as palm oil, soy, and beef. Logging and infrastructure projects also contribute to deforestation. To combat this problem, it is important to support sustainable practices and responsible sourcing of commodities, and to participate in initiatives such as the Bonn Challenge, which aims to restore deforested lands.”

The use case for this tool is countless. I could ask it to draft a CV for me or write a marketing plan or whatever content-related task I might have. This is a game-changer and it is wonderful to see. But will it replace writers?

This question is not straightforward as we must take into account variables like the purpose of writing, the value placed on the reader, the writer’s objective, etc. However, if you are a commercial writer who writes with the sole intent to drive customer engagement toward making a sale, just maybe, your job is going to be taken away from you soon. Or you possibly might be the person who would manage the software that would be used to generate content. That is if you are lucky enough.

However, AI can never replace writers if you write because your want to think through your ideas, declutter your mind, or improve your decision-making skills then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. No tool or software in the world will take that from you. If people, companies, and corporations care enough about the process, then, you just might be irreplaceable. As we can see now, a well-written article is easy and almost affordable. But the process of getting this article to that state is not. Maybe it doesn’t matter to them but it should matter to you.

Hopefully, you care about how much you can engage your mind to produce something meaningful than you can about the number of articles or the fanfare you would get from employing such tools. In writing, there are four components – the artist, art, process, and audience.

The art is the finished work. That is what the AI tools sell to you. They promise you fast, easy and cheap. But it comes at a price that the artist will bear which is the process. Trading the process for ready-made art is the beginning of the downfall of the artist. Just like Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, that is what you would be doing to the makers of these tools – selling or outsourcing your thinking.

A good artist knows that launching a book or publishing an article is not the best part. The best part instead is the struggle to find the right words to communicate your intended ideas in a meaningful and coherent way. This is the only way to see and measure your growth. It is how you declutter your mind. It is how you challenge your thought processes. It is how you think.

There is always going to be the next best art but the question to ask is will there be a better version of me? Well, it depends. If you do not outsource our responsibility, just maybe.

Best believe, AI can never Replace Writers.

to be continued

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