What If We Optimize for Wrong?

Humanly, we are obsessed about making the right decisions, meeting the right partners, hitting the right goals etc.

Not that there is anything wrong with wanting the right answers but what if we are doing it the absolute wrong way?

What if we begin to seek the wrong answers?

Everything we do seems to be a gamble.

While some of the intelligent folks might make it seem like they get it right because of a strategy, in the grand scheme of things, we are all purely taking a guess; for those people we can qualify it as an educated guess.

Strategy is just a cover up for “it may work” which is still a possibility

If I set 10k sales as my target, there is no gurantee that I will meet it

If I decide to say YES to the woman of my dreams, there is no gurantee that it is the right choice.

We are all going each day at a time with a sprinkle of faith that the decision we made will yield results.

But what if we begin to also optimize for making the wrong decisions?

What if we begin to see wrong or failure as an answer and not as finality?

Because we learn more about ourselves when we fail than when we succeed.

To be wrong is nothing to be ashamed about. It was just one of the possible answers on the table.

At least, you have eliminated one wrong. We are a step closer to what is right.

Obsessing about right seems to be an easier decision to make

But we know what that obsession does.

It tells us we are not ready and we procrastinate

Or it tells us that it is not perfect yet and we procrastinate again.

Accepting to be wrong might be painful and more difficult but it saves you and the others a lot of time trying to second guess what right looks like.

Maybe all I have written down here is wrong but it was worth the try to convince you that we should embrace wrong.

This is the permission you need to ship – SHIP!