On Rejection

One massive rejection I had was after secondary school, there was this beautiful girl that really liked me, we did vibe. She wanted us to date but I wasn’t on that level with her. She told me her intention but I refused it. She was not my type of lady to date.

In my 100 level, there was this girl I really liked. We did vibe also but by the time I relayed my intention, she rejected me as well.

There was this job I needed so badly. I was already an intern and all I needed was to be given a full time role. I was very good on the job but the CEO rejected me.

Some months ago, I was referred for a job. The CEO was trying to play smart. I rejected the job. Yet, they really needed me.

Rejection is not one of those bad words like murder, anger etc.

Rejection is the outcome of our daily human choices. When you get into a transaction, you either win or lose.

When a choice is to be made, someone is selected; the other is rejected.

Rejection is not an attack on you. It is the product of another person’s choice.

For that lady/guy you are asking; about 5 other folks are doing same

For that dream job you’ve got; about 500 other people are seeking it.

A choice has to be made – you or one of them

If I am saying NO to you, I am saying YES to another person.

This is the reality of rejection

It does not mean you are a bad person. It only means the person thinks you are not good enough for them.

Rejection is a natural cycle. We are always rejecting and being rejected.

The moment you get angry at someone for rejecting you, you are being entiltled.

You know how you do not want others telling you how to spend your money?

It is the same way you do not want others telling you what to do and how to do it.

When you get angry at me for rejecting you; you are being entitled to my choices.

Yet, you rejected that proposal. You turned down that ride. You said NO to that offer.

Why? Because you felt they were not good enough for you.

Are you able to make your choices and I am not able to do the same?

“I have been rejected x time” is not a stigma. It is a badge of honour.

Show me your rejections and I will tell you who you are.

Because the number of rejections you get is equivalent to how much you step out of your comfort zone.

Most people do not step out of their comfort zones because they do not want to be rejected.

Safe to say that it is better to be rejected than to do nothing.

But, you might be fortunate, after all.

That you are not good enough for me is not an excuse to remain a mediocre.

If you want a better job, you have to have what it takes.

If you want the best partner, you have to be ready to be the best also.

Rejection might be a product of my choice but choices are influenced by factors.

But factors are not standards. Factors like my preferences in a woman cannot be changed in you.

If I like a fair lady doesnt mean you have to become fair to avoid being rejected

But if I want a skillset, it is smart to arm yourself with the skillset to avoid rejection

Rejection can be avoided if you tick my boxes but most times, we do not get to tick all the boxes

If you need to become better to avoid rejection, here is the permission to go ahead.

Rejection is not the red traffic light that tells you to stop.

It is the green light that tells you to keep going.

Use rejection to your advantage.